MISSION – To train pilots who make the difference.

VISION – To be recognized as a reference company in the training of human resources for global aviation.

VALUES – Values are principles or beliefs, which are used as a guide for behavior, attitudes and decisions of any and all people who are running the mission and goals of the company. These values at EPA are:

– SAFETY: the certainty that EPA is reliable and who never allow its customers at risk;

– QUALITY: to ensure that services provided to customers are recognized for the high standards practiced;

– ETHICS: EPA professionals follow a ethical and moral conduct, which leads all daily actions, enhancing the principles of trust and good faith;

– COMMITMENT: is the proud to be working at EPA and always provide the best efforts, striving to exceed our customers expectations;

– TEAM SPIRIT: the team is cohesive and EPA employees help each other to produce the best results;

– INNOVATION: is the constant search for new and modern ways to meet the demands of our current and future customers;

– RESULT: profit is the reward for a well done job;