MISSION – To increase aviation safety through excellent training and high-quality services.

VISION – To be the largest and most complete Civil Aviation Training Center in Latin America, to be the main national reference in the application of language proficiency exams.

VALUES – Values are principles or beliefs, which are used as a guide for behavior, attitudes and decisions of any and all people who are running the mission and goals of the company. These values at EPA are:


– SAFETY: the certainty that EPA is reliable and who never allow its customers at risk;

– ETHICS: EPA professionals follow a ethical and moral conduct, which leads all daily actions, enhancing the principles of trust and good faith;

– TRANSPARENCY: EPA promotes the sharing of information and communication in a clear, honest and accessible way, allowing other people to understand and evaluate the scenario, or situation;

– PROFESSIONALISM: be proud to work at EPA and always give your best, striving to exceed our customers’ expectations;

– HONESTY: EPA acts with sincerity in all its transactions and relationships, promoting an environment of trust and integrity;

– TEAM SPIRIT: EPA works together as a cohesive team, where collaboration, mutual support and knowledge sharing are encouraged;

– INNOVATION: EPA encourages creativity and the constant search for new and better solutions in all aspects of its operations, aiming to achieve increasingly efficient results.