Make your reservation at the main place of an airplane: the Captain seat!

Start the engines, accelerate and feel all the power while the aircraft takes off under your command. This is the feeling of being Pilot For A Day that EPA Training Center brings you.

One of the major simulators centers and pilot training in Latin America, EPA provides its structure and technology of flight simulators for you to realize your dream of running a large aircraft in a cabin identical to the real one.

The experience begins with a briefing with the flight first instructions. Then, proceed to the seat of the captain and familiarize yourself with the controls, warning lights, signs and prepare for takeoff. Choose your airport and analyze climatic situations. With the permission of the tower, right hand on the thrust levers, left hand on the yoke and start the takeoff.

Feel all the sensations, just like real ones, to move the aircraft due to the advanced hydraulic system that simulates real situations of flight, keep cool when facing turbulence, failures or ab-normal situations.

In the end, bring your aircraft safely to the ground and guarantees a soft landing. Be a Pilot For A Day or gift this unforgettable experience for those you love!