This course aims to meet the requirement set out in RBAC 61.21, which requires that a pilot can only act as a pilot in command of an aircraft if within the preceding 90 (ninety) days he has performed: at least 3 (three) takeoffs and 3 (three) landings during the day or night, during which the aircraft controls of the same category and class / type have effectively operated; for night flight operations: at least 3 (three) takeoffs and 3 (three) landings during the night, during which the aircraft’s controls have effectively operated category and class / type; The procedures provided for in paragraph 61.21 (b) (2) can be performed in an FSTD qualified by ANAC that represents the category of the aircraft to be flown.

Aircraft: ATR 42/72, EMB-145 / variants and EMB-120.


Full Flight Simulator training.


Approximately 30 minutes per pilot.


The student will receive the certificate of completion of the course and the evaluation form signed by an Accredited Examiner with the landings made.